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Pastor Lo and Pastor Dez were sent out by God from Leavenworth, Kansas under Bishop (then Apostle) Rozell Tottress to Riverdale, 
Georgia where they launched the church ministry of Kingdom Business Ministries.

On January 17, 2010, Kingdom Business Ministries held its first service in the living room of Pastors Andrews' daughter and son-in-law's home. Eight people in attendance, service was conducted in the home for three months before the ministry moved to the Waterford Room at the Clarion Hotel in Jonesboro, Georgia. In March 2011, the ministry began holding services at 194 Jonesboro Rd, Suite S, Jonesboro, GA.

One year later, Kingdom Business Ministries re-located to Tallahassee, FL. Under direction of the Holy Spirit and Overseer Bishop R. Tottress, the church ministry of Kingdom Business Ministries was re-named, giving birth to Sounding the Alarm Kingdom Ministries (StAKM). In 2014 God ordained the Training Center where the mandate was given to raise up leaders for the advancement of the Kingdom. Hence the beginning of Sounding the Alarm Kingdom Ministries and Training Center (StAKMaTC).


In December 2014 Pastors Andrews ordained Prophetess Nikki Moye as Pastor to serve alongside them in ministry.

In December 2018, Pastors Angelo and Desireé were affirmed as Apostles under the Apostolic Covenant Alliance with Apostle Lee Lyons of Bainbridge, GA and Apostle Denise L. Offor of Fayettville, NC presiding.

StAKMaTC holds service on Sundays at the 4485 Rivers Landing Dr. at 11:30 a.m.  If you are in the Tallahassee area, join us for Sunday worship.


God is doing something great at StAKMaTC...COME GROW WITH US!

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