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From the boardroom to the bedroom, and every place in between, we discuss issues relevant to women!

*Join us at our next Kingdom Women of Distinction Women's Meeting!


*Listen to past episodes of Kingdom Women of      Distinction Talk Show. See audio player below.

Kingdom Women of Distinction Meeting
Next meeting: Saturday, June 1, 2024
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Who We Are and What We Do


We are Women who...

* Have DECIDED to live Holy, Dedicated lives to God, our Father.

* Are Dedicated to Advancing the Kingdom of God through Holy living as exemplified in God's Word.

* Stand together in Fellowship and share common experiences.

* Stand on the Word of God for Direction knowing that God's Word will never lead us astray.

* Above all, we are Women who LOVE the LORD.


What we’re looking for...


Women who are...

* Committed to God

* Standing on the Word of God

* Living a life conducive to Holiness

* Demonstrating Integrity

* Willing to Mentor and be Mentored

* Willing to walk in the Calling of God on her life

* Willing to Support this Ministry  

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